How to prepare for an EqualBITE workshop

EqualBITE-plasma-screenThere may be many different reasons why you are coming to an EqualBITE workshop.

Perhaps you have been working with the Athena Swan project and want to see how you can carry on the great work the University has been doing.  Or you may have been grappling with a gender equality issue for yourself, or your students, or with your lecturers and supervisors, and want to share this with other people.  Or you are becoming aware of how gender equality touches your life and career prospects – or you may just be curious to see what this is all about.

The workshops last two hours and you will get the most out of them, and contribute the most, with some preparation, some preliminary thinking about what you are bringing:

  •  An experience you have had that you wish you had tackled differently?
  •  An issue that you are confronted with that you have no idea how to approach?
  •  An episode that you handled well, and would like to past on the knowledge?
  •  A discrepancy between policy and implementation that you have become aware of and would like to highlight.
  •  A personal realisation and new awareness that you would like to share.

During the workshop we will be using the ‘Shut-Up-And-Write’ technique, and offer it as a valuable tool for whatever work you are doing in the future – and we serve you great pastries.

See you there!

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